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Meet John Christl

At John Christl Law, Mr. Christl  is  a dedicated  personal injury lawyer providing professional legal advice and support for victims needing representation. He understands the pain and suffering that personal injuries can cause and his  goal is to get you fairly compensated to give you the space and resources to heal. Contact him today and our legal team will listen attentively to your case and work restlessly to get you the best outcome.

Former Senior Deputy District Attorney 30 Years of Trial Experience

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Injury Lawyer for

  • Personal injury
  • Sexual assault & battery
  • Sexual harassment
  • Rape
  • Child molestation
  • Brain/spinal injuries
  • Auto accidents
  • Bike accidents
  • Boat accidents
  • Slip-and-fall
  • Dog bites
  • Bullying/harassment
  • Product liability
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Premise liability
  • Wrongful death

Choose John Christl as Your Personal Injury Lawyer

From dog bites to auto accidents, Mr. Christl and his team will handle every single case with extreme care and urgency. As a personal injury law attorney , Mr. Christl will do everything in his power to get the optimal result, including collecting evidence at the accident scene, interviewing witnesses, and handling all matters related to the accident. This gives you and your loved ones the opportunity, space, and resources you need to make a full recovery and bounce back at your own pace.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Hiring legal representation is not a requirement in California, so it’s possible to handle your lawsuit on your own. That said, hiring an attorney is the best way to cover all grounds, make sure that all deadlines are met, and make time to take care of yourself. 

Some of the steps that personal injury attorneys like Mr. Christl take include:

  • Investigating and reconstructing the accident at the scene
  • Collecting and preserving evidence
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses
  • Submitting paperwork at the appropriate time
  • Finding expert witnesses
  • Negotiating insurance settlements

California Personal Injury Attorney

  • Over 30 Years of Trial Experience
  • Former Sexual Assault Prosecutor
  • Superb AVVO Rating
  • Nations Top One Percent – National Association of Distinguished Counsel
  • Top Ten Personal Injury Attorney – Attorney and Practice Magazine

JOHN CHRISTL LAW in Newport Beach, CA

Mr. Christl’s primary concern will be to immediately review your facts and injuries and take action on your personal injury case. Delays matter so it’s important to initiate contact and set a plan into action. His superior reputation, five-star client reviews, and experience as a personal injury attorney in the courtroom will help you get the best possible results. Located in Newport Beach, CA, JOHN CHRISTL LAW will handle your matter with the utmost professionalism, confidentiality, and attention to detail.  Mr. Christl prides himself on maintaining constant communication with his clients. Contacting Mr. Christl at an early stage in your personal injury case will benefit your overall result. Don’t wait to call.

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Orange County Bar Association

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At the Law Office of John F. Christl we serve all four Orange County Courthouses AND neighboring counties. So whether your case was assigned to Orange County (Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Westminster, or Fullerton) OR you are located in the following counties; (Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Bernardino), we will provide trusted and experienced legal support. Do not wait to get started, there is much to be done.

  • Nations Top One Percent – National Association of Distinguished Counsel
  • Top Ten Personal Injury Attorney – Attorney and Practice Magazine
  • Ten Best Attorneys – American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys

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Who pays my medical bills after an accident in California?

In California, personal injury lawsuits follow an at-fault system, where the liable party’s insurance is responsible for covering the damages caused. This includes property damages as well as medical bills.

What is considered personal injury in California?

California law describes personal injury as any damage caused by actions of or failure to act on behalf of another party. According to the law, if you suffer injuries and it’s someone else’s responsibility, you can seek compensation for the harm and damages caused.

How long does a personal injury lawsuit take in California?

Every case is different, so the time it takes to settle a personal injury lawsuit varies greatly. In general terms, the process can last anywhere from a few months to a few years. It’s common for the first six months of most cases to revolve around research, recovery, and investigation, so it’s important to speak with your personal injury attorney about your expectations. 

What is the average personal injury settlement in California?

Similar to the amount of time it takes to settle a lawsuit, the settlement amount for personal injury cases varies case by case. That said, it’s common to see personal injury cases settled in the $20,000 to $25,000 range. 

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