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5 Star Client Reviews



I’ve recently had my life turn upside down by fighting a life sentence upon other 5 charges from being falsely accused. It was the scariest and most depressing time of my life – I’ve never imagined ever possibly going to jail ever in my life as I made sure I would always be a good person to other people and society. But somehow life takes unexpected and bizarre turns. I was feeling so lost and wondering how something like this happen to me, fighting against 6 charges, 5 felonies and 1 misdemeanor from a misunderstanding. They took something so petty and turned it into something so big, charging me with ridiculous things from left to right. I felt hopeless and scared. It was my first and only time in jail. Then my sister told me about John F. Christl. She told me that he was a former DA and specialized in criminal cases. So I got to meet John. From the very moment I’ve spoken to John while I was in jail, I felt a sense of safety because John was very professional and I could tell John was an expert on saving people’s lives. Before I met John, I did meet another lawyer I was considering. However, after meeting John, I did not hesitate to pick John as my lawyer due to my inner intuition that John is an amazing lawyer.

I’m so glad I did decide to have John as my lawyer because he basically saved my life from possibly being wrongfully taken from me from false accusations. John was able to fix the wrong. From my 5 felonies and 1 misdemeanor, I agreed to a plea that took off 5 counts. I was then released from jail in less than 6 months. They say every case is different, however I do want to note that many people fighting life sentence cases fight their cases in the average time of years. I knew one guy in there that is still fighting his case for 8 years and a half and another 10 years while I was in jail. I was so afraid that I would be stuck in jail fighting a ridiculous case for a long time since everyone around me in jail were in there with the average being 3 to 4 years and still fighting their cases. John saved me and I was able to continue to live my life after being in jail less than 6 months. I started to pray to God everyday while I was in jail. And I really believe God had sent John as an angel to save me. I owe John my life for rescuing me. What he has done for me I shall never forget. And I just want to spread the message to you reading this or anyone who needs a lawyer to choose John F. Christl. If you want the best lawyer and someone professional, experienced, compassionate, attentive, intelligent, and so many other positive traits I haven’t listed, then please don’t hesitate to pick John. I did not hesitate and I am so thankful I chose John. He saved my life and I want the world to know about it and to know how amazing a person and a lawyer John is.


I Trust John Christl With My Life!

I faced a felony charge that would impact my life in a drastic and detrimental way. John’s name was given to me by an esteemed clinician who I had a professional relationship with. Before I had received John’s contact information, I was desperately interviewing criminal defense attorneys and after each interview I felt my head spinning with little reassurance about my outcome in the court room. I decided to call John and he made time to meet me in person within a couple hours of our phone conversation. John didn’t make the interview about his accolades and the number of cases he has won in the past (Which he easily could have considering his background). He discussed what was most important to me: the way he would handle this case. And he delivered exactly what he promised. My charges were dismissed and my life (Including my career) was given back to me in tact. Had I chosen another lawyer I believe that a deal would have been cut where I would still have had a blemish on my record which would have tarnished my career and my way of life. John treated me as if I was family. I’m forever indebted to him for what he has done for me. Thank you John.


He Does What He Says…And Delivers!

There’s a reason why John is one of the top 10 lawyers.  I was in situation where I needed his help and he was very responsive, especially during the holiday weekend! He was able to set a time to see him within the hour. John set up a clear plan for what we needed to do and it was executed flawlessly and we received the results we were hoping for. Unlike other lawyers, John was always very responsive, accommodating, and thorough answering my questions. He did what he said he was going to do and delivered me great news.

I am so grateful and fortunate he was my lawyer. Although I have never been in this situation, I know that no other lawyer would have given you the same attention. John knows the right people and definitely knows what he’s doing. He was able to get to the DA and my case was rejected. DO NOT hesitate to hire John. I really do not know what would have happened if I hired another lawyer

Kim T.

Excellent Lawyer!

You always hear bad things when it comes to lawyers and how they just want a money grab and really don’t care about the client unless you have money. Well I can tell you this is not the case with John. He is by far the best lawyer that I have ever dealt with. John really cares about you as a person and really does the best job based on your situation. It also helps that he was a D.A. for 20 plus years. John was always available to answer my questions whenever I needed him. He was able to resolve my case with the best possible outcome given the circumstances. Call this man up if you need help because he is smart, articulate, and professional and he will get the job done. John has now become my permanent lawyer for life or until he decides to retire.


Shows Compassion and Encouragement

When our son ran into some legal problems, John Christl was recommended to us by someone who had worked with him and spoke very highly of him. John was very successful in getting the major charges dismissed as well as helping our son develop a plan to move on with his life. John listened well to our concerns. He enthusiastically jumped into our case right away, communicated frequently with us regarding the case, returned all of our phone calls and texts in a very timely manner, and went the extra mile to get a better outcome than we had even hoped for. He showed compassion for our son and was an encouragement to him. We are grateful that he was recommended to us, and we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs a defense attorney.

Kristy K.

There is No One Better Than John

John is a highly recommended criminal defense lawyer. He was extremely helpful and exceptionally diligent in following up on my case. He would provide me with constant updates and take the time to explain everything in detail with me. Unlike other attorneys with the same amount of experience and reputation, you could feel that John had a personal touch in his approach. I had contacted other law offices and assessed their strategies regarding my case, but none were as strategic and thorough as John. I appreciated his candidness and honesty. With over 21 years of legal experience and having the distinction of being a former senior deputy district attorney, there is no one better than John to represent you in the courtroom.

Keith M.

Shines in the Courtroom

I endorse this lawyer. John is a talented, dedicated and extremely capable attorney. His skill set reaches wide from investigation to negotiations, but truly shines in the courtroom.


Thorough and Professional

John took a very thorough evaluation of our case from the get go. The on going professionalism was impressive. I highly recommend his firm.


Smart, Experienced, Professional Attorney

Mr. Christl is an excellent, very experienced trial attorney. He is also compassionate and responsive to client questions and concerns. His years of legal experience and knowledge of the system are immediately apparent. You will have no doubt he can guide you through your legal issues. I recommend him.

Mary M.

Hard Working and Talented

I endorse this lawyer. John is a very hardworking and talented lawyer. If I or any member of my community were in trouble, I would call him first.


Top Choice

Top choice for criminal defense; John understands and knows the best strategy having been on the prosecution side for many years. John was on our legal situation with 110% focus and determination. He was able to get to the crux of the matter and knew the right people to talk to for the best result of our situation. The experience, wisdom and connections John has built up over the years are to the advantage of any defendant. We are forever grateful to John for how he was able to help us.


Highly Recommend

John Christl is a very thorough, competent and professional attorney who will always have your best interests in mind. He is a solid lawyer who practices nothing but the best customer service methods. I personal had the pleasure of working side by side, for several years, while he was a deputy district attorney. Honestly, if you want an attorney who will always give each case 150%, who has a comprehensive understanding and experience in different areas of law, John Christl should be your first choice.


What a Fantastic Attorney!

After a motorcycle accident I was involved in, John’s diligence and expertise garnered more than 5 times what was initially offered by the insurance company to settle my case.  He has a great personality and is very easy to talk to.

When you need someone in your corner, this is the guy!

Larry S.

Our Family Was Blessed to Find Him

Two and a half months ago, I contacted John.  It was a very emotional time in my life….  My grandmother was terminally ill.  This was because a very negligent surgeon failed to inform us of a situation that turned out to be Ovarian Cancer.  I explained this to John over the phone and within 48 hours he had the case filed, and within another 72 hours the surgeon was served.  He has been very compassionate and talks to me about my Grammy as if he knew her as well.  She passed only a couple of days after we filed this lawsuit.  But John has kept up the fight for her and for “the right thing”.  Fighting for what’s right is obviously how he lives his life.  He is very efficient and knows what he’s talking about; especially since he’s been on both sides of a courtroom!  Our family was blessed to find him and will keep in touch even after this case is over!

Veronica B.

I have known and worked with John Christl for more than 15 years when he was a Orange County Deputy DA. We worked together on misdemeanor,  felony and special prosecution cases. He has great people skills and is an excellent trial attorney!

Mega T.

Professional and Hard Working

I was rear ended last year at a high rate of speed.  My back was hurt.  John has taken my case with the insurance company, and knows exactly what to do.  Professional, and hard working.   John is also quick to return my phone calls and treats me with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.  He is an outstanding attorney.  If you have been injured then you and your family need to hire John Christl to competently handle your personal injury case.

Chris M.


I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for all the care and concerns you have shown me . I can not thank you enough for taking over my case . I will always be grateful for all of your efforts. I know you have a lot of clients , so your prompt responses and attention to detail really meant a lot to me .  I’m so grateful for your passion , dedications and professionalism.  I’ve hired lawyers before but you are truly the best I’ve ever worked with . Thanks for doing everything in your power to help me win my case.



I had made a huge mistake and I was in a lot of trouble legally. I was faced with losing my career, but most importantly my family.
From the first time I spoke with Mr. Christl, I knew right away that he was the right person for the job.  He stayed on top of my case from the start to finish, and he provided me with contact updates regarding the case.  I really felt that he cared for me as a person and he really tried his best to bring the best outcome for my case.
With years of experience as a California District Attorney and as an attorney, Mr. Christl knew right away how to approach my case.  He did not make any false promises or give me any false hope.  He explained to me in detail the next steps in the case, and provided me with his plans on how to achieve the best result possible.  If something was not going our way, he already knew what our next steps would be.  He’s extremely intelligent and charismatic, but he’s also very easy to speak to.  His confidence on the case always put my nervous heart at ease.
If you are in legal trouble, please call Mr. Christl. He’s an extraordinary attorney, but you’ll find that he’s even a better person.  I will forever be in debt to Mr. Christl for giving me this GIFT of a second chance in life-
Daniel L.

The Best of the Best!

Couldn’t have been more comfortable and more happy with having John on my team. The most calm and confident attorney I’ve ever used. Having the former Orange County Deputy District Attorney on your side?!! Let me tell you I slept better and walked taller. John was available to me when needed outside the court room and educated me on the events that would unfold and couldn’t have been happier with the results. This man is the best in the business. He has put my family back together. Gave me the security of knowing that he had my best interests involved, for me and my family. Please, don’t waste time with searching other avenues, John gets results and knows how to get it done with calm and rational demeanor.


The Best of the Best!

Couldn’t have been more comfortable and more happy with having John on my team. The most calm and confident attorney I’ve ever used. Having the former Orange County Deputy District Attorney on your side?!! Let me tell you I slept better and walked taller. John was available to me when needed outside the court room and educated me on the events that would unfold and couldn’t have been happier with the results. This man is the best in the business. He has put my family back together. Gave me the security of knowing that he had my best interests involved, for me and my family. Please, don’t waste time with searching other avenues, John gets results and knows how to get it done with calm and rational demeanor.


I Got My Freedom Back!

Hello, I writing this referral to help out anyone searching for an excellent attorney. Plain and simple, and straight to the point – I hired John Christl as my attorney and he delivered the legal results I was looking for !!!
First of all, I’m not a person who writes online reviews for people or products, nor am I receiving any benefits from this review. It was just such a daunting task choosing an attorney, but I am very pleased I chose John.
I was facing serious criminal charges, completely overwhelmed, and I didn’t know what to do – my life was turned upside down and I was scared. I have never hired an attorney before, nor wanted to spend the money to do so. We all know that legal fees are expensive, attorneys are difficult to trust, and nobody wants to be at the mercy of someone who may not have your best interest in mind. I was seriously considering just sticking with a public defender and hoping for the best, but I also knew I was in serious trouble and needed serious help from a legal professional who would work hard to get me out of my mess.
After researching many Attorneys online, and reading reviews from others, I took a gamble and choose John Christl. This being the most stressful situation in my life, I was very fortunate I chose someone who could empathically and compassionately guide me through the whole strenuous legal process like he did. He was very Professional, experienced, and super down to earth- from our first meeting until the entire case was resolved. I was searching for someone very professional, extremely competent, yet also someone who possessed the ability to relate on a genuine personal level. John Christl delivered on all levels. I couldn’t be happier- he helped me get my freedom back, and I’m 100% convinced if it wasn’t for him I would still be enslaved in a legal nightmare. As difficult as it was to pay legal fees, I would honestly say that his service was worth every penny. I highly recommend John Christl for anyone needing an attorney – you won’t find anyone better!

Mark Y.

Mr. Christl is Amazing!

Mr. Christl is amazing. From the beginning, he was extremely upfront and honest with what his expectations were and what he was going to do to achieve them. No matter how many times I called/emailed him, asking the same questions and just generally seeking assurance, he was there. I can only imagine how busy he must be, but his patience and compassion are without compare. Words fail to adequately describe my gratitude to the man who preserved my sanity during the most trying time in my life.

Miss B.


To sum it up, John is amazing. Compassionate, direct and effective, he had my case dismissed and every charge dropped – all less than 24 hours from officially hiring him. My only regret is not hiring him sooner. Thank you, John, for being a rock to lean on so to speak!!


Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Orange County!

John F Christl is the best Criminal Defense Attorney in the Orange County area and possibly California for that matter! He was able to take something that did not belong on my record and was preventing me from moving forward with several potential employers. He initially told me that the incident would probably remain on my record for some time. Then (in court) he thought of something and had a brilliant idea. After about 20 minutes and a very well timed Epiphany he was able to get the case DROPPED from the docket! On top of that, a recent speeding ticket was also removed for a very well timed Christmas Bonus. He is the MAN and ANYONE could benefit from this services. A former DA that knows the system well and can work in your favor extremely well.

John H.

Highly Recommended!

I recently had the pleasure of working with Mr. Christl as my attorney, whom I highly recommend. His experience and knowledge was proven in his work and the excellent outcome reached with my case. Also unlike other attorneys who can sound condescending or make you feel rushed, Mr. Christl treated me like a person rather than just another case. He made eye contact, while taking the time to listen to what I had to say. Going to court can be very stressful, but with his confidence in the courtroom amd kindness toward me as his client, Mr. Christl made my overall experience pleasant (which is not a word I would normally associate with court).


Forever Grateful To Him

John Christl was recommended to me through my father’s coworkers and after some research on his impressive career experience I decided he was the right man to have on my side for my case and immediately set up a consultation appointment. From the moment I walked into his office I no longer felt the extreme anxiety about my situation anymore because I knew I had someone trustworthy on my side who was going to give 110% to fight for my case. That is exactly what he did and he won my case and got all charges dropped. As a young college student who has never had to deal with something like this, John Christl did a great job of listening to me, assuring me, and giving me the best advice possible to fight my case. He was constantly in contact with me so I could stay updated and informed on what was happening with my case and he would answer any question I had no matter the hour. John helped me out through a very anxiety ridden time of my life and I am forever grateful to him for helping me and giving me peace of mind. If you are trying to decide who to hire as your lawyer I 100% suggest John Christl.


Unbelievably Impressed

Mr. Christl recently represented me.  Although the DA was being very difficult,  Mr. Christl was able to get all charges dismissed concerning my case.  Mr. Christl also kept in constant contact with me updating me frequently.  I am unbelievably impressed with him and if you are looking for a defense attorney I would highly recommend him.

Matt D.

Beyond Great!

The quality services I received from John was remarkable. From the initial meeting John was responsive to my calls, questions and concerns. John kept me updated weekly on the progress of the case. Most importantly he was able to ease my mind during this stressful time. All issues were handled professionally and timely. I have already recommended John to others.

Ron V.

Honest and Tenacious

I endorse this lawyer. I have known John for several years. He is very experienced and knowledgeable. He will represent your interests with honesty and tenacity. He will not mislead you and will provide you with an accurate synopsis of your options


Do Not Hesitate in Calling Him!

John is an experienced and ethical attorney. I would not hesitate to hire him if I needed a criminal defense attorney.


I have known John for over 35 years. He is smart, determined, compassionate and charismatic. The fact that he has been in the DAs office for over 20 years means he knows most of them personally and how they work. Who better to handle your case? He enjoys a great reputation with the judges as well. I have seen his results and they are unbelievable. He is my lawyer of choice for criminal defense or Plaintiffs personal injury cases.

Art T.

Made the Right Decision!

After contacting multiple law offices and getting in touch with John, I am more than happy to say that I made the right decision in the investment of his services.

His 20+ years of experience definitely shows not only through his intelligence and knowledge of the law but also through his compassion and ability to understand his clients. Throughout my entire experience with John, what I appreciated most was how diligent he was as well as his ability to effectively communicate the progress and development of my case.



If you need a lawyer who will do you justice, you need to retain JOHN. There are a lot of lawyers that will try to take advantage of your situation, but John went out of his way to make sure I was properly represented and did not hit me with huge fees that seemed unrealistic. He is a magician he will get your case dismissed like it never happened!!!!! If you retain him, you will not regret it because he has over 30 years of experience as a former DA and he will know exactly how to strategize and present evidence in an effective manner to dismiss your case. JOHN DOES NOT SETTLE FOR LESS AND HE REALLY WILL FIGHT FOR YOU!!!!! If anyone is on here scared and vulnerable not knowing what to do or who to call then please give John a call I know he will help you and guide you on the right path.
Sara S.

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